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  11, APREL 2014 India

Sunrise 6:9am
Sunset 18:49pm
gar banaty samye neev m rakhne wali kuch samegri tamby ki gadvi-m- chavel ya sarso-haldi bhere--or gadvi ko mooli or aam ke patoi se bhandy 2-- 5 nai ite le --panch rateni or gita garenth le ya koi bhi garenth ho 3-- 1 jodi sarep kuch oshdhi -- shree fall --1 lal kapda -- janeu ka joda


  11, APREL 2014 India

For destiny's blessing on your work, Find the most auspicious time for tasks of ut most importance to you!


Amantram aksharam nasti, nasti moolam anaushdham,

Ayogya purusho nasti, yojak tatra durlabha.

(There is not a single alphabet which could not be used for composing a sacred hymn, every herb even the poisonous ones finds its place in making medicines. Similary, there is no person on this Earth who is incapable but the rare and missing fact is the CHHANELIZATION of the energies and potential, the one has in him/her).

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